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Meaning :Akan of Ghana names for females born on Monday; peace.
Also see:

 Ewe of Ghana female name for the firstborn child of a second husband.
 born on Friday.
 Ewe of Ghana name meaning "life is precious."(Could be shortened to NYAGA.)
 Yoruba of Nigeria female name meaning "difficult birth," such as a child born with umbilical cord around neck.
 According to an Ibibio of Nigeria folktale, Akim was a gorgeous, fat, young woman made of oil who melted in the sun while doing farm labor.
 Akan or Ahsanti of Ghana name for females born on Sunday.
 Ewe of Ghana name meaning "thanks to God."The Ghanaian short form of this name is AKPENA.
 Akan of Ghana name for females born on Wednesday.
 Amharic of Ethiopia female name meaning "may I not lose you, may I find you always my precious."May be shortened to Tash.
 Akan people of Ghana name for females born on Saturday.Also a West African name meaning "happy."
 Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "who knows what God has brought us through this child."
 The name of one of the Candaces, or Queen Mothers, of the Nubian kingdom of Kush (now northern Sudan).This name could be shortened to AMANI, itself a Kiswahili word meaning "peace."
 A popular female name among the Wolof of Senegal.
 This means "sweet face" in Hausa language.
 Ibo of eastern Nigeria name meaning "happiness is the best."
 Af of Kenya name meaning "friend."
 Ibibio of Nigeria name for female children born on market day, called Edet.
 Swahili name for girls born at the time of a wedding."Arusi" is the Kiswahili word for wedding.
 Somali female name referring to the prophet Muhammed's favorite wife.
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