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Meaning :A Swahili female name meaning "chatterer."
Also see:

 An Ibo of Nigeria female name meaning "God decides."
 According to Greek mythology, this African witch transformed the Greek troops of Odysseus into swine.The classical Greek pronunciation of her name is KEAR-kay.
 A female name meaning "curly haired."
 Yoruba of Nigeria name for children with curly hair.
 Ewe of West Africa unisexual name meaning "savior."
 Nigerian name for girls born after many males.
 Amharic of Ethiopia unisexual name meaning "joy, happiness."
 A popular Somali name, meaning unknown.
 Ijaw of Niger female name. Meaning unknown.
 Nigerian female name of unknown origin.
 Fante of Ghana name for females born on Friday.
 A popular female name in Egypt.
 Ewe and Fante of Ghana name meaning "born on Sunday."
 A Masai and Tanzania word meaning "young maiden."
 Ewe of Ghana name meaning "God heard me."
 Amharic and Tigrinya of Ethiopia name meaning "light."
 Guinea and Cote D'Ivoire name meaning "beautiful day."
 Popular Swahili and Somali versions of the name Muslim name, FATIMA, meaning "weaned."
 Liberian name. Meaning unknown.
 Popular Somalian name. Meaning unknown.
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