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Meaning :A Tonga and Shona of Zambia of Zimbabwe word meaning "grandmother."
Also see:

 Ashanti of Ghana name. Meaning unknown.
 Muslim name popular in Somalia and N. Africa meaning "beloved, sweetheart."
 Swahili name meaning "gift."
 Swahili name meaning "good."
 Ewe of Ghana name meaning "savior."
 Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "it's a good thing" and "beautiful."
 Mythical N. African name for the southern wind, meaning "Daughter of the Mountains of the Moon."
 Swahili name meaning "God is our salvation."
 Tiv of Nigeria name meaning "blessing, favor."
 Nyanja of Zambia name meaning "to arbitrate" or "to perform ceremonies for the birth of twins."
 Swahili name meaning "dignity."
 Popular Wolof of Senegal name. Meaning unknown.
 Shona of Zimbabwe name meaning "offer thanks."
 Swahili name meaning "teach oneself."
 Ashanti of Ghana name meaning "born on Monday."
 Somali name meaning "golden woman."
 Swahili name meaning "born prematurely."
 Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "allow me to join this family."
 Unisexual Zimbabwe name meaning "take a burden off my mind."
 Loma of W. Africa name taken from the subject of a Loma folktale meaning "whose child?"
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