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Meaning :Elfin."Some variants are Erline, Erlene, and Aerlene.
Also see:

 Myth name
 Name of a princess
 A goddess worshipped in Lanchester
 A Syrian goddess
 A Tungrian goddess
 Meaning unknown
 From the elder trees."
 Name of a goddess
 Brave friend."
 Name of a queen.Variant, Osburga, exists.
 A goddess
 Goddess who watched over Bath."
 Gift of the sun."Some variants are Synne, Synnove, and Sunn.
 Wealthy."Variant, Udela, exists.
 A Tungrian goddess
 Polite." AL-HADIYE
 native, urban BARAKE
 the soul EL-ZARKA
 gift, benefit GALSAT
 prize, present GAWDAT
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