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Meaning :Chamoru Spanish, "fresh; cool."
Also see:

 Unisexual name meaning "dream."
 Day." Variants include Aani, Haane, Haani, Ha'ane and Haani
 glimmer of light
 Flower." Diminutive Kami exists.
 Unisexual name meaning "his/her sail."
 Unisexual name meaning "sweet; kind."
 Chamoru Spanish, "melody; song."
 tall and slender
 Chamoru Spanish term of endearment; darling; dear
 little bird
 Chamoru Spanish, "grass-covered mountain; hilly hilly." area.
 Chamoru Spanish, "lady."
 Chamoru Spanish, "serenade; evening music."
 Chamoru Spanish, "mermaid."
 luck; good fortune
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