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Meaning :legend name
Also see:

 consecrated to God
 Finnish form of Miriam (rebellious)
 feminine form of Rikkard (strong ruler)
 legend name
 protector Kalevala, The
 Breath, sigh." From Hebrew feminine form of Abel. Variants include Abelle and Abella.
 Old French. Named for a semi-precious stone. May also be considered a variant of the Greek name Agatha, "good."
 French form of Greek Agatha, "Kind."
 sweetbrier rose
 meaning unknown
 Feminine form of Irish/Gaelic Alan, meaning "rock; comely; beautiful." Variants include Alaina, Alayna, Alayne, Aleine, Alenne, Allaine, Allayne, Alleine, Alenne, Aleyne.
 feminine form of Albert
 legend name
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