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Meaning :calm sea
Also see:

 flaming torch
 the sky; chieftain
 the Hawaiian equivalent of Karen.
 sound; also the Hawaiian equivalent of Sandy
 glorious chief
 small red rose
 psychic gifts
 quick; nimble
 name of a spring month; name of a star.
 from heaven
 life; well-being
 feminine form of Abraham, "father of many."Variant, Abame, exists.
 Sigh; breath."Variants include Abelie, Abella, and Abelle.
 God is my father." Variants include Abisha, and Abishah.
 My father is dew." Variant, Avital, exists.
 Feminine form of Acim, "the Lord will judge."Variants include Acimah, Achima, and Achimah."
 The Lord's decoration."
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