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Meaning :boar
Also see:

 myth name (goddess of wine)
 myth name (goddess of sex)
 from the Yamuna river
 Irish form of Abigail (brings joy) ADARA, ATHDARA
 Irish/Gaelic form of Evelyn (hazelnut?) or Helen (light).
 Noble, bright." Variants include Alva, Alvy, Elva, Elvy AILEEN
 Irish/Gaelic name meaning "fire."Feminine form of Aidan. Variants include Aine, Aithnea, Eithne, Ena, Ethnah, Ethnea, Ethnee. ALASTRINA, ALASTRIONA
 Feminine form of Allen, or Alan. Means either "rock" or "beautiful." Variants include Alana, Alanna, Alena, Alene, Allene, Alleyne, Allynn, Allynne, Allynn, Alynne. ANNABLA
 Italian name of Germanic origin, meaning "noble pledge" or "noble hostage."
 Angel." Also a variant of Greek Anges (pure). Variants include Agnolla, Agnolle.
 defender of man
 ready for battle
 feminine form of Andrea (manly)
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