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Meaning :A Muslim name popular in North Africa, meaning "black man."
Also see:

 Malian name.Meaning unknown.
 Yoruba of Nigeria male name. Meaning unknown.
 Name of an ancient Egyptian king who killed visitors to his city.The name means "Temple of Osiris."
 Kiswahili and Swahili name meaning "gentleman; mister; sir."Variant, Mbwana, exists.
 A West African male name meaning "teacher."
 The Kiswahili word "chaga" means "to do vigorously" and "be prevalent."
 A Kikuyu people of Kenya male name. Meaning is unknown.
 Guinean male name meaning "learned."
 Cheops, a pharaoh of Egypt's IV dynasty, was believed to have had negroid features.He was known as Cheops to the ancient Greeks, but was called KHUFU by the Egyptians.
 A West African male name meaning "beloved."It is also a Kiswahili word meaning "grated coconut."
 A male name of Latin origin meaning "native of Cyprus."
 Popular in North Africa, meaning "teacher, secretary."
 Somali name meaning "versatile."
 Amharic of Ethopia name meaning "you be their judge, arbitrate between them."
 Ashanti of Ghana name meaning "reliable."
 Hausa of West Africa name meaning "born at night."
 Swahili name meaning "beloved."
 Ethiopian name referring to the biblical David, meaning "beloved."
 Ewe of West Africa unisexual name meaning "savior."
 Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning "destroyer."
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