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Meaning :Akan name common in Ghana, meaning "born on Friday."
Also see:

 Ibibio and Efik of Nigeria name meaning "don't forget me."
 Somali name. Meaning unknown.
 Akan of Ghana name meaning "born on Tuesday."
 Akan of Ghana name meaning "born on Wednesday."
 Akan of Ghana name meaning "born on Saturday."
 Ewe of W. Africa name meaning "born on Saturday."
 Akan of Ghana unisexual name meaning "born on Sunday."
 Somali name. Meaning unknown.
 Ethiopian name meaning "heart" or "soul."
 Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning "cultivated, developed."
 Congolese name meaning "gifted."
 Luhya of Kenya name meaning "whip."
 Swahili name meaning "one who enjoys drinking."
 Amharic of Ethiopia name used to address a little boy whose name is unknown.
 Congolese name meaning "from the mountain."
 Akan of Ghana name meaning "second born."
 Dinka of S. Sudan name. Meaning unknown.
 Ethiopian name referring to the biblical disciple, Mark.
 Setswana of Botswana name. Meaning unknown.
 Swahili name and Kiswahili word meaning "poor."
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