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Meaning :Sesotho name. Meaning unknown.
Also see:

 Swahili name meaning "first born."
 Zezuru of Zimbabwe name meaning "heart."
 Meru of Kenya name meaning "one who cares for others."
 Kikuyu of Kenya name meaning "herdsman, shepherd."
 Swahili and Muslim name popular among the Wolof of Senegal, meaning "mercy" or "saved from the water."
 Buganda of Uganda name meaning "born on New Year's Eve."
 Swahili name meaning "lord, master, king."
 Swahili name and Kiswahili word meaning "the one who is calling."
 Somali name meaning "born between two seasons."
 Swahili variation of Arab name Nasser, meaning "victorious."
 Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "dove."
 Amharic and Tigrinya of Ethiopia name meaning "he is bound to be king, he is next in line for the throne."
 Amharic and Tigrinya of Ethiopia name meaning "he will be crowned."
 Norther Ethiopian name and royal title meaning "king, emperor."
 Kikuyu of Kenya name meaning "young bull."
 Akan of Ghana unisexual name meaning "ninth born child."
 Kenyan name meaning "the thin one."
 Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "in honor of the supreme God."
 Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "heart."
 Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "a strong household."
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