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Meaning :people's victory
Also see:

 defender of man
 myth name (river of oblivion)
 myth name (Hercules' friend)
 meaning unknown
 lover of horses
 myth name (a king of Arcadia)
 myth name (a king of Scyros)
 myth name (a king of the Edones)
 myth name (an Argonaut)
 myth name (son of Aesculapius)
 myth name (a satyr)
 myth name (son of Medea by Aegeus)
 myth name (seer)
 myth name (helps defend Thebes against the attackers)
 myth name (sides with Penelope's suitors against his master Odysseus)
 myth name (an Argonaut)
 myth name (son of Ino)
 meaning unknown
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