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Meaning :short; small one GALE, GAEL, GAILE
Also see:

 Irish/Gaelic name meaning "Christ's servant." GILIBEIRT
 Gaelic name meaning "servant of Saint John."Variants include Gillan, Gillen, and Gillian. Name is related to Gilchrist, Gillespie, and Gilmore.
 serves Christ
 Irish/Celtic name meaning "warrior." KEALAN, KELAN
 Italian form of Albert (noble)
 Italian form of Abraham (father of many)
 Italian form of Alexander (defender of man)
 Italian form of Alfred (counselor of the elves)
 loved God
 Italian form of Ambrose (immortal)
 rules the estate
 Italian form of Balthasar (protected by God)
 flat and level field
 long-lived; crane
 complacent; satisfied
 silver and yellow color
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