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Meaning :greatest of our male heroes
Also see:

 unisexual name meaning "fire."
 the light of dawn
 male or female name meaning "radiance, brilliance, majesty or splendor."
 masculine form of Tlazohtzin, meaning "one who is loved."
 precious noble
 unisexual name meaning "fire navel."
 feathered in black
 unisexual name meaning "artist."
 the one that possesses light
 venerable time
 the essence of light
 angry bumblebee
 unisexual name meaning "year" or "comet."
 unisexual name meaning "noble of the fire."
 jeweled prince
 unisexual name meaning "fire serpent" or "weapon of destruction."
 unisexual name meaning "war" or "warrior."
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