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Meaning :Sioux name meaning " setting sun."
Also see:

 Algonquin name meaning " brother." WEMILAT
 Dakota name meaning " sage."
 Hopi name meaning " one who brings." WILNY
 Cheyenne name meaning " dull knife."
 Cheyenne name meaning " white antelope."
 Miwok name meaning " soaring turkey vulture." WYNONO
 Navajo name meaning "snow." YISKA
 meaning unknown
 ancestors AESIR,AEGIR
 saga name (father of Thorvald)
 Norse or Scandinavian name meaning "bowman."Sometimes associated with Welsh Ifor, "lord."Variants include Ivar and Iver.
 legend name JOLGEIR
 point ODDLEIF
 wise lord AMIR
 dark ADOLF
 myth name?
 defender of mankind
 rock; comely
 from the east
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