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Meaning : Heavenly garden.
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  Feminine of the Irish Gaelic Kieran. Dusky: dark-haired.
  "Variant of Christina, Cristina, Krystina."
  Mistress of all
  Boomerang. Variant of Kylie. Pretty.
  From the royal fortress meadow
  Alternate Spelling: Kimberly. From the Royal Fortress Meadow.
  Of the royal fortress: diamonds.
  From the royal fortress meadow
  From the royal fortress meadow
  From the royal field
  Secret (Algonquin)
  Child without equal.
  Ruler of the Valley
  Blend of Ken: (royal obligation:clear water) and Sandra: (protector of man) or Andrea: (manly or masculine).
  Kings meadow.
  Variant of Mckinley.
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