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Meaning :
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  The fair one.
  The fair one.
  Happiness or pearl
  "Strong and mighty one, Pearl"
  City of the Prophet. In Medina Mohammed began his campaign to establish Islam.
  Strong and capable
  Soft and gentle
  Strong and capable
  God's favor
  God's favor
  Very beautiful or beauty.
  "Your first name of Meika has given you a responsible, expressive, inspirational, and friendly personality. Expression comes naturally to you and you are rarely at a loss for words: in fact, you have to put forth effort at times to curb an over-active tongue. Self-confidence has made it easy for you to meet people and you are well-liked for your spontaneous, happy ways. You sincerely like people and do not often experience loneliness: your work and home-life are likely filled with association"
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