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Meaning : Spirited: Broad.
Also see:

  From the broad valley
  Broad hillside.
  Dark valley.
  Broad hillside.
  Broad hillside.
  From the bramble bush spring
  Bold raven
  From the hillslope meadow
  Irish form of Abraham
  Bramble: a thicket of wild gorse. Abbreviation of Abraham and Abram. Bram Stoker was author of Dracula.
  Father of Caradoc or Caradawc
  Fiery torch: beacon. Also a variant of Brandon. Brandt: (German) Fiery torch: beacon.
  Name of a saint
  Beacon on the hill or gorse-covered hill.
  From the beacon hill
  A knight
  Beacon on the hill or gorse-covered hill.
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