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Meaning : Chancellor
Also see:

  fortune: a gamble.
  fortune: a gamble. Variant of Chauncey.
  fortune: a gamble. Variant of Chauncey.
  Short rainbow (Hopi)
  Dearly loved
  Abbreviations for names ending in -ano and -rio. Chan: (Chinese) family name.
  Variant of Chayse or Chase. Hunter.
  Abbreviation of Jose: Latin-American revolutionary Che Guevara.
  Arthur's brother
  God will multiply
  God will multiply
  People of a different speech. One of the largest American Indian tribes.
  Camp of the soldiers.
  From the cottage on the winding path
  Horseman: knight. An abbreviation of Chevalier. Actor-comedian Chevy Chase.
  Horseman: knight.
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