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Meaning : God has helped.
Also see:

  God has helped
  My God is He. A young man in the biblical Book of Job who gives fiery defense of God's righteousness.
  My God is Jehovah. Variant of Hebrew Elijah.
  Believes in God
  Jehovah is God
  Believes in God
  Variant of Elijah My God is Jehovah.
  Jehovah is God
  God is salvation. Faithful biblical attendant and successor to prophet Elijah.
  God is my wrath
  Noble: white.
  Noble: white.
  From the elder tree
  Joyful: happy.
  Lives by the alder tree
  Believes in God
  Old Welshman
  Variant of Elias from Elijah My God is Jehovah.
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