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Meaning : Much wanted. Variant of Conner.
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  Alternate Spelling: Conner.
  Honest advisor
  Variant of Connor.
  Strong willed or Wise Hound-Lover. Variant of Connor.
  "Raven, or raven haired, or dark haired. Alternate Spelling: Korbin, Corbyn."
  Honest advisor
  Cordmaker. Surname.
  Cordmaker. Surname.
  Cordmaker. Surname.
  Spearman. Surname.
  Form of Cort.
  Fishes for salmon with spear (Miwok)
  Screech owl spirit (Hopi)
  The Sun. Name of the ancient king of persia and finder of the Hakhamaneshian dynasty.
  Love and affection
  Follower of Christ.
  "Comes from Kristin, Greek, meaning consecrated to God and Anna, Hebrew, meaning gracious: one who gives."
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