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Meaning : Loyal and sincere.
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  Surname meaning loyal.
  Form of William.
  A surname often used as a given name.
  Surname meaning loyal.
  Dearly loved
  Dwells by the torrent
  Lives by the linden tree
  Lives by the linden tree
  Variant of Lindsey from the linden tree island
  Variant of ancient Welsh given name. In Arthurian legend Lynette accompanied Sir Gareth on a knightly quest.
  From the linden tree ford
  Dwells by the torrent
  Abbreviation of Lynnette who accompanied Sir Gareth on a knightly quest in Arthurian legend: variant of the Irish Gaelic word lann meaning house: church.
  Abbreviation of Elizabeth and Eliza.
  Mythical god of youth
  A knight
  A knight
  Son of
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