of God's flock
 Pleasant." Variants include Affrica, Affricah, Affrika, Affrikah, Africah, Afrika, Afrikah, Aifric, Apirka, Apirkah.
 Named for an Old English town. First a name for boys. Variant Affton exists.
 Irish/Gaelic name meaning "Fire" or "Little fire." Variants include Adan, Adeen, Aden, Aideen, Aiden.
 Scottish/Gaelic. Named for the place. Originally a surname. Unisexual. Variants include Ainslee, Ainsleigh, Ainslie, Ansley, Aynslee, Aynsley, Aynslie.
 High Priestess of Mecca.
 African name meaning "first born."
 Battle-seasoned." Variants include Aldith, Aldys, Ailith.
 Helper." Used as a short form of Alexandra, though it has a different root. Variants include Alessa, Alessi, Alexa, Alexi, Alexia, Lexi, Lexie, Lexy.
 Swahili and Muslim name meaning "noble, exalted."
 Possibly Dutch form of Irish Ailbhe "noble; bright."
 of the Lord's people
 a half-brother of Buddha ANANGA
 feminine form of Anders (masculine)
 myth name (king of the Underworld)
 meaning unknown
 Nigerian name meaning "eagle." Also, a Scandinavian name meaning "rule" or "eagle."
 lioness of God
 myth name (horse of Adrastus)
 Derivative of IMANI, meaning "faith."
 roaring stream
 In Greek mythology, Artemis is goddess of the moon and the hunt.She is known as "the lady of wild things."This virgin goddess, who is sometimes depicted as being black African, is Apollo's twin sister.Artemis means "source of water."
 myth name (noble goddess)
 from the ash-tree farm
 Dwells at the ash-tree meadow."Variants include Aisley and Aisly.
 from the ash-tree farm
 blond ruler
 soft breeze
 Arthur's burial place
 rules the elves
 pleasant father
 refuge in battle
 little one
 name of a historian
 Unisexual name meaning "beauty."
 woman from the beaver meadow
 from the plain lands
 a cleric (thirteenth century)
 black or white
 from the broad island
 a Breton
 lives by the stream
 myth name (son of Boreas)
 from the cold spring
 myth name (daughter of Atlas)
 orange fruit; sweet; mountain sunset
 from the winding valley
 sculptured jewel
 crooked nose
 from the beautiful field
 small champion
 son of Carr
 drives a cart
 the dark one
 myth name (another name for Demeter)
 maker of candles
 member of the bishop's council
 myth name (grace and beauty)
 great, vast
 believes in Christ
 Dakota name meaning " little one." DELSIN
 from the dark village
 Unisexual name meaning "intelligent; clever"
 makes barrels
 to create
 lives in the valley
 dwells by the waterfall
 from Denmark
 free man
 from Arcy
 dearly loved
 see Darlene.
 Somali name meaning "one who pleases."
 name taken from heraldry
 lives at the valley's edge
 Divine; myth name. DEVI
 from Devon
 bridge protector
 Name of French-speaking West Africa, meaning "gift."
 Mother goddess."
 a Dorian
 Basque form of Dionysus (god of wine)
 myth name (attended Hera)
 lives by the alder tree
 nobleman's son
 name of a king
 young fighter
 from the bull's pasture
 son of the red-haired man
 Irish name meaning "foreigner."Also Old English name meaning "cheerful or happy."
 spectacular ornament
 from the heath-covered meadow
 lives at the hall's slopes
 from the grassy estate
 good (also a girl's name)
 from the hare's land
 from the hare's meadow
 from the hedged-in valley
 from the hay meadow
 Miwok name meaning " touch." HONOVI
 gentle, nice, quiet (can be either girl or boy name, but more common for girl)
 French form of Hilary (happy)
 lives by the holly trees
 little archer
 Dutch form of John, "the Lord is gracious."
 myth name (god of beginnings) JEROLIN, JEROME
 French form of John (God is gracious)
 Swahili name meaning "father was suffering during birth."
 flowing down
 loved by all
 Unisexual name meaning "the sea."
 name of a deity
 Unisexual name meaning (female) the sky; (male) chieftain.
 the flower wreath; the beloved
 A Maui demigod who could take the form of a rope and stretch from Molokai to Hawaii.
 small and fiery
 slender, comely
 son of Egan
 rapture; reverence
 Algonquin name meaning " secret."
 from the bright valley
 from the king's meadow
 little dark one
 gold, golden
 noble, brave
 from the royal fortress meadow
 from the pointed hill
 beam of light KISTNA
 braid; drawing together
 from the long meadow
 sweet potato
 sky; heaven
 pear; tears; shyness
 Unisexual name meaning "plum"
 from the meadow farm
 little cloak
 from the gray fortress
 Unisexual name meaning "strength; beautiful"
 generous one
 from the linden-tree meadow
 from the linden-tree island
 gentle spirit
 lives by the stronghold
 from the hollow
 from Lorraine
 born on Monday
 from the island
 lives by the linden tree
 son of a mighty warrior
 smile of truth
 guided to the right path
 from the meadow
 Hopi name meaning " eagle\r \r hunter."\r \r \r \r MANIPI
 makes garments
 son of a hero
 from the sea
 from the hill by the lake
 stone worker
 from the meadow
 myth name
 protector of the sea
 little famous one
 from the farm by the sea
 God's child MILENA, MILA
 Danish form of Michael (God-like)
 Osage name meaning "white sun."
 Miwok name meaning " rippling brook."
 surname meaning "shine; reflect."
 a form of Moses; drawn out of the water
 from the red swamp
 from the moors
 half-sister of Arthur, enchantress
 a war goddess
 from Armenia
 calmness of the skies/heavens
 worships the saints
 Osage name meaning "fawn."
 people's victory
 myth name (goddess of victory)
 victorious people NINOCHKA, NINA
 mist; misty rain
 doctrine; child of ceremony; law; order
 Hopi name meaning "chases butterfly."
 myth name (night)
 shining; brightness
 Swahili unisexual name meaning "light" or "born during the day."
 from the oak
 from the oak-tree meadow
 a form of Oscar; divine strength
 Ugandan name meaning "born during the rains."
 son of fire
 Miwok name.Meaning unknown
 Hopi name meaning " lost white brother."
 myth name (son of Priam)
 Unisexual name meaning "cypress tree"
 keeper of the forest
 little rock
 lives near the church
 born at Easter
 from the peaceful farm
 from the fighter's farm
 from the priest's meadow
 from the priest's farm
 handsome; pretty
 clear spring
 from the place owned by the fifth son
 Kiswahili word and name meaning "friend."
 from the roe deer meadow
 dark-haired, wise
 In God's favor; contentment; satisfaction
 lives near the crucifix
 lives near the ridge
 Lotus; beautiful; elegant
 a rune
 little king
 from the rye land
 cuts timber
 from the ledge farm
 From the ledge meadow." Variant, Shelly, exists.
 bright; clear; openhearted
 keeper of provisions
 shield bearer
 a star SUBHA
 from the south meadow
 from the south farm
 leather maker
 peach; symbol of long life
 Algonquin name meaning " crane."
 Pleasant and bright."Some variants are Tait, Taite, and Tayte.
 a tailor
 son of Terrell
 autumn, poem
 complete; also, mathematics
 Kalarbari of Nigeria name meaning "the people."
 sings with trills
 central; loyalty
 born on Tuesday
 maker of tiles
 lives in the valley
 from Wales
 from the quaking-aspen tree meadow
 valuable; precious
 from the west meadow
 from the white meadow
 From the white island."
 white or fair
 strange voice
 early morning; dawn
 Xhosa of S. Africa name meaning "stay in peace."
 from the slope land
 from the enclosed meadow
 lives by the gates
 happy and smart
 of the Yoga practice
 Hausa of W. Africa name meaning "God's gift."
 pure beautiful jade
 happy and beautiful
 snow; lucky
 born at Christmas
 power of the sea
 treasured by God
 of the west wind
 Irises; orchids; noble character; true friendship
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