Bears children."
 name of a king
 Wife of Edward the Confessor
 live long
 meaning unknown
 name of a king
 Wealthy."Variant, Edina, exists.
 wealthy friend
 Princess." Some variants include Eadlin, Edla, Edlin, Edlynn, and Edlynne.
 Wealthy defender." Variants, Edmee and Edmonda, exist.
 name of a king
 Wealthy ruler."
 Wealthy ruler."
 from Ed's hall
 Ed's son
 name of a king
 name of a king
 wise advisor
 Wise or prudent advisor."Variants, Elda and Eldride, exist.
 Name of a poem
 Elf's spear."
 Famous courage."
 Elf from the willow trees."
 Elf."Variant, Elvia, exists.
 see Easter.
 name of a king
 Elfin."Some variants are Erline, Erlene, and Aerlene.
 Myth name
 name of a king
 name of a king
 name of a king
 Name of a princess
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