sweet tempered
 woman from Armenia
 meaning unknown
 name of a king
 name of a historian
 from Avarair
 brings good news
 descended from Peter (rock)
 Armenian form of Paul (small)
 name of a king
 name of a fifth-century philosopher
 from the top of a mountain
 meaning unknown
 Armenian form of Luke (light)
 Armenian form of James (supplants)
 God's gift
 Armenian form of Joseph (He adds)
 from Izmir
 small cross
 Armenian form of Gregory (watchful)
 from Kolb
 name of a historian
 meaning unknown
 Maiden."Variant, Mayda, exists.
 Armenian form of Margaret (pearl)
 name of a saint
 from Armenia
 Armenian form of Isaac (laughs)
 meaning unknown
 Armenian name for Susan (lily)
 a form of John
 beautiful rose
 name of a king
 giver of roses
 meaning unknown
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