father of Modron
 lover of Margan le Fay (fifteenth century)
 white flower
  White flower
  A mistress of Lancelot
  Brother of Percival
  Brother of Percival
 brother of Percival (fourteenth century)
 brother of Gawain (thirteenth century)
  From Alain le Gros one of the Fisher kings
 nephew of King Mark (twelfth century)
 a Fisher king
 brother of Cliges (twelfth century)
  Nephew of King Mark
 son of Arthur (ninth century)
 King Mark's nephew (twelfth century)
  A love of Peredur
 a love of Peredur
 mother of Alexandre (twelfth century)
 father of Isolde
  Son of Arthur
  Arthur's sister
 keeper of the grail (thirteenth century)
 foster father of Arthur (thirteenth century)
  Uncle of Tristan
 name of a queen (thirteenth century)
 high honor
  Noble: courageous. Legendary sixth century King Arthur of Britain and his Round Table of knights.
 Lady of Shalott; kills herself for the love of Lancelot (thirteenth century)
  Foster father of Arthur
 brother of Lot (thirteenth century)
  Father of Modron
  Arthur's burial place
  Arthur's burial place
  Arthur's burial place
  Arthur's burial place
 a giant
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