Feminine form of Abraham, from Hebrew."Father of many."
 from the Adriatic
 refers to the Virgin Mary
 from the Akil
 Basque feminine form of Alesander (helper of man)
 Basque form of Andrew (manly)
 feminine form of Ander (masculine)
 Basque form of Daniel (judge)
 feminine form of Danel (judge)
 Basque form of Edward (rich guardian)
 Basque form of Richard (strong ruler)
 help of God
 from Rome
 Basque form of Gabriel (God-given strength)
 Holy Cross
 refers to Christ's Ascension
 Basque form of James (supplanter)
 refers to the Immaculate Conception
 of the conquering people
 meaning unknown
 meaning unknown
 Basque for Joseph Anthony (He adds/priceless)
 like God
 name for John the Baptist
 owns a new house
 God is heard
 bitter grace
 reference to the Virgin Mary
 God saves
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