clear as ice
 shining CHANDER
 the moon; graceful; ladylike
 free; uninhibited
 great, vast
 tree branch, twig
 Unisexual name meaning "intelligent; clever"
 fragrant; sweet smelling
 fragrant carpet of grass; breath of flowers
 fragrant; sweet smelling
 joyful; happy
 bright; intelligent
 good and beautiful
 river beautiful
 beautiful; handsome; tender; lovely; charming
 crystal; sparkling
 Buddhist deity of mercy.
 pear; tears; shyness
 flower bud
 Unisexual name meaning "strength; beautiful"
 beautiful plum blossom
 beautiful and bright
 beautiful and graceful
 beautiful stringed musical instrument
 beautiful Lotus
 beautiful rose
 Unisexual name meaning "the graceful willow" or (female - "daughter of the sun")
 beautiful Jade treasure
 tinkling of pieces of jade
  Very beautiful or beauty.
 bright moon
 Unisexual name meaning "cypress tree"
 fine jade; outstanding; distinguished
 handsome; pretty
 clear spring
 Lotus; beautiful; elegant
 spiritual; deep-thinking
 kind; gentle and sweet
 bright; clear; openhearted
 peach; symbol of long life
 slim and graceful
 gentle; gracious; beautiful; lovely
 valuable; precious
 glow of the sunrise or sunset
 summer Lotus; pure and elegant
 early morning; dawn
 morning rainbow
 happy and beautiful
 elegant; beautiful
 elegant; beautiful; graceful
 snow fragrant
 two swallow birds; elegant
 happy and pure
 happy and smart
 happy and shiny like a pearl
 pure beautiful jade
 happy and gentle
 happy and beautiful
 happy and smart; kind
 happy and friendly
 precious and beautiful
 Irises; orchids; noble character; true friendship
 graceful; beautiful
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