Czechoslovakian form of Elizabeth (consecrated to God)
 Czechoslovakian for Agnes (pure)
 Czechoslovakian for Benedict (blessed)
 God's peace
 meaning unknown
 little stork
 little stork
 wealthy guardian
 burns lime
 gift from God
 dwells near the pear tree
 myth name
 myth name
 feminine form of Jirka (farmer)
 God will multiply
 moves slowly
 famous ruler
 meaning unknown
 myth name
 famous warrior
 my love
 loves glory
 feminine form of Pavlov (small)
 Czechoslovakian for son of Paul (small)
 God will add
 Peterka's son
 form Poland
 from Prague
 meaning unknown
 wood sprite
 camp glory
 Czechoslovakian form of Thomas (twin)
 meaning unknown
 has big lips
 myth name
 from beyond the brook
 little green one
 Czechoslovakian form of Sophie (wise)
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