Danish form of Greek Apollonia, the feminine form of Apollo, name of the sun god.
 Danish form of Andrew (manly)
 bitter pearl
 Danish form of Arnold (eagle)
 Danish form of Bartholomew (farmer)
 Danish form of Bridget (strong)
 son of the Christian
 son of Christoffer
 Danish form of Claudia (lame)
 Danish form of Scottish Ailsa which is either the diminutive of Elizabeth (pledge from God) or named for the island, Ailsa Craig.
 meaning unknown
 meaning unknown
 feminine form of Frederik (peaceful ruler)
 peaceful ruler
 war chief
 meaning unknown
 meaning unknown
 meaning unknown
 Ing's grace
 Danish form of Jacob (supplanter)
 God is generous
 born to the conquering people
 born to the conquering people
 feminine form of Lars (laurel)
 Danish form of Margaret (pearl)
  "Warrior. The Roman God of war. Variant of Martin, Marius and Mark."
 son of Niel
 feminine form of Neils (champion)
 feminine of Pedar (rock)
 myth name
 victorious counselor
 feminine form of Sorin (of Thor)
 young man
  Thunder bearer.
  Strong viking soldier.
 ruler of all
 little woman
 Danish form of William (determined\r \r protector)
 resolute protector
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