Variant of Adrian. From Adria.
 from the Adriatic
 Dutch form of Anne (graceful)
 bitter grace
 devoted to God
 bleacher of cloth
 does good
 Dutch forms of Theodoric (God's gift)
 boar brave
 from Guelders
 good friend
 divinely peaceful
 divine, firm
 gray battle-maid
 feminine form of Gustaaf (staff of God)
 rules the home
 rules the home
 Dutch form of John, "the Lord is gracious."
 Son of Jan
 Dutch form of Matilda (strong battle-maid)
 victorious army
 from the rose field
 known defender
  "Shield, scholar. Variant of Schuyler."
 lives at the oak
 lives at the heath
 gift from God
 from Aachen
 from the oak
 of the headland
 from the hill
 from the pool
 from the ferry
 from the dike
 from the bridge
 sea man
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