Finnish form of Andrew (manly)
 Finnish form of Henry (rules the home)
 surname meaning "son of Henry"
 Finnish form of Helen (light)
 surname meaning "sand hill"
 legend name
 hero's daughter
 feminine form of Jukka (God is gracious)
 feminine form of John
 Finnish form of John (God is gracious)
 Finnish form of John
 surname meaning "lake"
 surname meaning "river"
 Finnish form of Joseph (He adds)
 legend name
  Finnish form of Makarios
 Finnish form of Gertrude (spear)
 surname meaning "church hill"
 surname meaning "stone"
 woman of strength
 legend name
 consecrated to God
 legend name
 surname meaning "hill"
 Finnish form of Miriam (rebellious)
 surname meaning "black"
 leaping warrior
 Finnish form of Paul (little)
 a form of Bartholomew
 feminine form of Rikkard (strong ruler)
 Finnish form of Richard (strong ruler)
 form of Christopher (Christ-bearer)
 surname meaning "smith"
 legend name
 surname meaning "house"
 form of Daniel (judge)
 legend name
 Finnish form of Thomas (twin)
 legend name
 legend name
 protector Kalevala, The
 resolute protector
 Finnish form of George (farmer)
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