abbey father
 Gaelic form of Adam (man of the red earth)
 owns many horses
 Irish/Gaelic form of Evelyn (hazelnut?) or Helen (light).
 Gaelic forms of Agnes (pure)
 Gaelic form of Amelia (industrious)
 from the height of the cliff
 Irish/Gaelic name meaning "fire."Feminine form of Aidan. Variants include Aine, Aithnea, Eithne, Ena, Ethnah, Ethnea, Ethnee.
 defender of man
 lives at the alder-tree river
 myth name
 superior strength
 meaning unknown
 from the land of the Gaels
  Most beautiful.
 lives near the clear stream
 lives by the bridge over the stream
 from the pasture land
 little blond one
 noble warrior
 strong warrior
 Gaelic form of Ballantine (brave)
 Gaelic form of Bernard (bear warrior)
 Gaelic form of Beatrice (makes others happy)
 white cow
 from the white river
 little raven
 myth name
 from Brodie
 from Bruys
 from the narrow river
 little champion
 friend of Saint Michael
 rocky headland
 great warrior
  Fighter. Spirt of Battle.
 little champion
 little dark one
  Beloved One.
 little black one
 from the high hill
 from the head of the cliff
 from the meadow
 guards the forest
 meaning unknown
 dwells by the hillside hollow
 searches for battle
 dark brown
 dwells at the woodland
 Gaelic form of Dorothy (God's gift)
 dark stranger
 dark warrior
 rules all
 dark stranger
 little poet
 horse lord
 devoted to God
 ruler of the home
 Gaelic form of Eileen or Evelyn (light, or life-giving)
 rich guardian
 Gaelic form of Eleanor (light)
  Variant of Elizabeth. Consecrated to God.
 young fighter
 girl from Ireland
  Faerie Friend. A name of high honor in gaelic mythos.
 very dear
 Gaelic form of Gavin (from the hawk field)
 short; small one
 of the strange Gauls
 free wind
 son of the blond man
 Gaelic form of Gerald (spear mighty)
 lives in the valley
 Irish name meaning "Christ's servant."
 Gaelic form of Gillian (youthful)
 Irish name meaning "servant of Saint John."Variants include Gillan, Gillen, and Gillian. Name is related to Gilchrist, Gillespie, and Gilmore.
 sacred and bold
 serves the redhead
 worships the saints
 Gaelic form of Grizel (gray battle-maid)
 from the dark glen
  From the valley.
 God's peace
 little blue-eyed one
 a smith
 Scottish name meaning "island."
 devoted to God
  Ancient. Variant of Cian.
 little champion
  "Lively, aggressive"
 son of Harry
 from Michael's fortress
 little black one
  Dark eyes. Variant of Kerry.
 son of Aidan
 from the high hill
 from the head of the cliff
  Fair and beautiful.
 from Scandinavia
 from the pasture meadow
 lives near the place abounding in elm trees
 warrior woman
 famous in battle
 son of Baird
 son of Bhiadhtaiche
 son of Adam
 son of the handsome man
 son of Alasdair
 father's son
 son of the steward
 son of the noble warrior
 son of the Briton
 son of the carpenter
 son of the prelate
 son of Arthur
 son of Asgaill
 son of the man who lives by the clear stream
 son of the strong
 son of the man from the ford by the oak trees
 son of the one who served the manly one
 son of the one who served Saint Michael
 son of the one who serves the blond
 son of the one who serves the dark man\r
 son of the one who serves Brown
 son of the one who serves the sacred and bold
 son of the one who serves the strong armed
  "Strong-willed, fiery."
 son of an heir
 devoted to God
 polished chief
 polished chief
 lives near the yew trees
 Gaelic form of Michael (godlike)
 Gaelic form of Mildred (mild counselor)
 Gaelic form of Mabel (lovable)
 Gaelic form of Mungo
 protector of the sea
 sea tide
 people's victory
 Gaelic form of Patrick (noble)
 son of the furrows
 Gaelic form of Peter (rock)
 little wolf
 Gaelic form of Robert (shining fame)
 Gaelic form of Richard (strong ruler)
  Variant of Roisin: Little Rose
 famous ruler
 gift from God
 He shall add
 teal duck
 Gaelic form of Joan (God is gracious)
 mountain man
 asked of God
 Gaelic form of Stephen (crowned)
 son of a prelate
 myth name
 myth name
 from the north
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