high chief
 Hawaiian form of Adele, "noble."
 Ripe; precious."
 orange tree
 Light of daybreak."
  Variant of English Alice.
 queen of the sea
 heavenly cloud
 long-awaited child
 remembrance of a loved one
  "Strength, strong, powerful, mighty."
 to soar like and eagle or hawk
 Unisexual name meaning "the sea."
 the sea and the sun
 Unisexual name meaning "Style."
 Unisexual name meaning "Style."
 sea and sky
 name of a deity
 divine power of the sea
 the seeker
 calm sea
 flaming torch
 Unisexual name meaning (female) the sky; (male) chieftain.
 the sky; chieftain
 strong and manly
 the flower wreath; the beloved
  The garland
  Beloved child to looked upon with pride and love
 the Hawaiian equivalent of Karen.
  Variant of Karen
 the one and only
 sound; also the Hawaiian equivalent of Sandy
 the free one
  The water
  The heavenly water
  The fire.
 the pathway
  Cool mountain breeze
 glorious chief
  "Funny, cool, honest, never gives a secret."
 a form of George
  The Life
 God's gracious gift
 a form of John
 gardenia; fragrant blossom
  Heavenly garden.
 a form of James and Jim
  "Brave, bold, fearless."
 urge; implore; also the Hawaiian equivalent of Troy
 bright moon.
 a form of Rachel; a ewe
 sky; heaven
  Heavenly child.
 heavenly flower child
  "Heavenly flower, Heavenly child"
 generous one
 small red rose
 a God of peace and farming
 graceful battle-maid
 moon; moonlight
  "eloquent, skilled in speaking"
  A vine that grows in Hawaii that is used in making leis.
  Gift of God
 buoyant; light
 a form of Mary; the perfect one
 psychic gifts
 shark; a passionate lover
 quick; nimble
  Gentle Caress
 gentle caress
 a form of Moses; drawn out of the water
 calmness of the skies/heavens
  Calmness of the heavens.
 name of a spring month; name of a star.
 mist of heaven; heavenly girl
 a form of Oscar; divine strength
 from heaven
 life; well-being
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