Unisexual name meaning "the sea."
 the sea and the sun
 Unisexual name meaning "Style."
 Unisexual name meaning "Style."
 sea and sky
 name of a deity
 divine power of the sea
 the seeker
 calm sea
 flaming torch
 Unisexual name meaning (female) the sky; (male) chieftain.
 the sky; chieftain
 strong and manly
 the flower wreath; the beloved
  The garland
  Beloved child to looked upon with pride and love
 the Hawaiian equivalent of Karen.
  Variant of Karen
 the one and only
 sound; also the Hawaiian equivalent of Sandy
 the free one
  The water
  The heavenly water
  The fire.
 the pathway
  Cool mountain breeze
 glorious chief
  "Funny, cool, honest, never gives a secret."
 a form of George
  The Life
 God's gracious gift
 a form of John
 gardenia; fragrant blossom
  Heavenly garden.
 a form of James and Jim
  "Brave, bold, fearless."
 urge; implore; also the Hawaiian equivalent of Troy
 bright moon.
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