Way of offering prayer to god
  First ray of sun.
  First ray of the sun.
 has no fear
 myth name (killed by Lakshmana)
 myth name (mother of five hundred children, a mother goddess)
 born of a lotus
 spiritual teacher
 myth name (a form of Vasishtha)
  Sun: The First. Lord of the sun.
 born on Sunday
  In Gods grace.
 name of a wise man
 son of Agni
 face of fire
 myth name (an evil spirit)
 child of water
  "Unconquerable, Invincible"
  Wish or desire.
 meaning unknown
 myth name (one of the Dhyani-Buddhas)
  She plays all the time
 full of ambrosia
  "Without deceit, pure."
 myth name (one of the Dhyani-Buddhas)
 myth name (goddess of the waters)
 from Anga
 myth name (of the Luminous Race)
 myth name (goddess of bread)
  Named after most powerful Goddess in Hinduism.
 myth name (moon)
 myth name (woman cursed with a skin disorder)
 from the water's stream
  Hope or Desire. In French it means
 morning star
 myth name (a perfect wife)
 meaning unknown
 a nun
 myth name (a frightening goddess)
 myth name (earth)
 myth name (a form of Durga)
 daughter of Buddha
  Beautiful Lake
 myth name (an evil spirit)
 myth name (a demon)
 name of a princess
 meaning unknown
 myth name (mother of the gods)
  Eternal part of God.
 myth name (daughter of Shukra)
 myth name (earth)
 myth name (daughter of Daksha)
 myth name (the sun's daughter)
 name of a princess
 bird of prey
 a singer
  The place in India where Lord Krishna spent his childhood
  Popular and Powerful God
 myth name (snow queen)
 myth name (goddess of smallpox)
 myth name (goddess of the sky)
 myth name (daughter of Vidarbha)
 myth name (mother of the world)
 myth name (a bird)
  Praises of the Lord.
  Life or soul.
 gives life
 light of the sun
 myth name (daughter of Daksha)
 silver mountain
 myth name (daughter of the sun god)
  Goddess of Power
 meaning unknown
 myth name (daughter of Daksha)
 from the mountain
 owns lotuses
 myth name (lover of the sun god)
  "Unconquerable, Invincible"
 born on Thursday
  Beauty and Goddess Laxmi
  Loyal and sincere.
 myth name (wife of Pandu)
 myth name (great goddess)
 great lady
 myth name (dew)
 myth name (divine mother)
  To meet
  "Variant of Michelle. Alternate Spelling: Misha, Mishaye. Smile."
  A flower --- Lotus
 myth name (goddess of sleep)
  Dew Drop. Curtain of mist.
 from the water
 from Odra
 myth name (wife of Shiva)
 myth name (a nymph)
  Innocent Love
  "Sun, unpredictable and radicalism."
 myth name (wife of Pradyumna)
 a jewel
 myth name (a princess)
  Gem. Altenate Spelling: Riya or Reena.
 meaning unknown
 myth name (queen of the apes)
 from India
 myth name (a mare)
 born on Sunday
  "Soft natured, gentle."
 myth name (daughter of Ashvapati)
  Strangth and courage.
 white rose
 myth name (faithful wife)
 myth name (a demon)
 myth name (dog of dawn)
 myth name (goddess of childbirth)
  To shine among all.
 (goddess of smallpox)
  "Innocent baby, beautiful child."
  Good creation
 myth name (daughter of the sun god)
 myth name (a demon)
 myth name (daughter of Bana)
 myth name (dawn)
  Advancement -- to rise
 myth name (goddess of wine)
  "God of wealth, God of good things."
 myth name (goddess of sex)
  God of preserver.
 from the Yamuna river
  Glorious and brave.
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