Way of offering prayer to god
  First ray of sun.
  First ray of the sun.
 has no fear
 myth name (killed by Lakshmana)
 myth name (mother of five hundred children, a mother goddess)
 born of a lotus
 spiritual teacher
 myth name (a form of Vasishtha)
  Sun: The First. Lord of the sun.
 born on Sunday
  In Gods grace.
 name of a wise man
 son of Agni
 face of fire
 myth name (an evil spirit)
 child of water
  "Unconquerable, Invincible"
  Wish or desire.
 meaning unknown
 myth name (one of the Dhyani-Buddhas)
  She plays all the time
 full of ambrosia
  "Without deceit, pure."
 myth name (one of the Dhyani-Buddhas)
 myth name (goddess of the waters)
 from Anga
 myth name (of the Luminous Race)
 myth name (goddess of bread)
  Named after most powerful Goddess in Hinduism.
 myth name (moon)
 myth name (woman cursed with a skin disorder)
 from the water's stream
  Hope or Desire. In French it means
 morning star
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