Italian form of Albert (noble)
 Italian form of Abraham (father of many)
  Variant of Italian.
 Italian name of Germanic origin, meaning "noble pledge" or "noble hostage."
 Angel." Also a variant of Greek Anges (pure). Variants include Agnolla, Agnolle.
 Reward; present." Variant A'idah exists.
 Old German feminine form of Aldo and Otto, "Old; prosperous." Variants include Aldabella, Aldea, Aldina, Aldine, Aldona, Aleda, Alida, Alyda.
 defender of man
 Italian form of Alexander (defender of man)
 Italian form of Alfred (counselor of the elves)
 ready for battle
 loved God
 Italian form of Ambrose (immortal)
 feminine form of Anders (masculine)
 feminine form of Andrea (manly)
  Variant of Mary.
 named for the Annunciation
  "Variant of Antonio, Inestimable."
  A Priceless Gift From The Heavens
 rules the estate
 Italian form of Balthasar (protected by God)
 named for John the Baptist
  "Italian for Beautiful, French for Goddess."
 devoted to God
 Italian form of Charlotte (manly)
  God is gracious.
  God is Gracious.
 feminine form of Claude (lame)
 meaning unknown
 from the Immaculate Conception
  Angel Messenger
 myth name (sister of the Gorgons)
  "Alternate Spelling: Dominick, Dominic, Domenic, Dominik."
 Italian form of Elizabeth (consecrated to God)
 An East African name meaning "man of peace."
 from the east
 feminine form of Fabio (bean farmer)
 loves mankind
  Free spirit.
 feminine form of Gabriele (God-given strength)
  From Galilee
 meaning unknown
 gift from God
  John Luke.
 God is gracious
 white as foam
 gracious gift from God
 Italian form of Julia (youthful)
 Italian form of Judith (praised)
 feminine form of William (resolute protector)
 meaning unknown
  God is Gracious.
  He shall add.
 bringer of good news
 delicate; tender
 Small sage one." Variant, Lora, exists.
  Bringer of light.
 graceful light
 Italian form of Louise (renowned warrior)
 little moon
  Little Star. Form of the Latin Marcellus meaning hammer.
  My Beautiful Mary
 sweet as honey
 people's victory
  Beautiful and sweet
 purple stone
 ruling lady
 Czechoslovakian form of Richard (strong ruler)
 from Rome
 little rose
 feminine form of Sebastiano (revered)
 Italian form of Simone (one who hears)
 gift of God
 gift from God
 divinely loved
 born third
 from the Tiber
  Variant of Theresa.
  The conquerer.
 Luya of Kenya name meaning "war."
 Italian form of Isabel\r \r (consecrated to God)
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