Italian form of Albert (noble)
 Italian form of Abraham (father of many)
  Variant of Italian.
 Italian name of Germanic origin, meaning "noble pledge" or "noble hostage."
 Angel." Also a variant of Greek Anges (pure). Variants include Agnolla, Agnolle.
 Reward; present." Variant A'idah exists.
 Old German feminine form of Aldo and Otto, "Old; prosperous." Variants include Aldabella, Aldea, Aldina, Aldine, Aldona, Aleda, Alida, Alyda.
 defender of man
 Italian form of Alexander (defender of man)
 Italian form of Alfred (counselor of the elves)
 ready for battle
 loved God
 Italian form of Ambrose (immortal)
 feminine form of Anders (masculine)
 feminine form of Andrea (manly)
  Variant of Mary.
 named for the Annunciation
  "Variant of Antonio, Inestimable."
  A Priceless Gift From The Heavens
 rules the estate
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