beloved, gentle
 little love; beloved
 born in Autumn
 autumn child; iris
 spring flower
  Night rain.
 meet at the field; also a Japanese surname.
 older sister
 thousand years; eternal
 child with a collar
 flower; blossom
 born in the spring
 spring child
 star child
 meaning unknown
  Shadow. Alternante Spelling: Kage.
 maple leaf
 child of the tortoise; symbol for long life
 A Maui demigod who could take the form of a rope and stretch from Molokai to Hawaii.
 adored one
 she who is without equal
  Child without equal.
 happy child; meets the world with happiness
 little flower
 Adangbe of Ghana name meaning "born second."
 braid; drawing together
 companion child
 meaning unknown
 fortunate child
 honest child
 smile of truth
 surname meaning "rice valley
 ball; circle
 infinite; endless
 meaning unknown
 pine tree child
 below the pine Suzuki
 gateway; gracefully drooping flower
 child of beauty; the righteous way
 flower stalk
  Beautiful white peak of the mountain.
 surname meaning "shine; reflect."
 three arrows; temple; sacred house
  Beautiful moon
 gentle child
 summer child
 doctrine; child of ceremony; law; order
 middle of the ocean
 workman's meadow
  god of Thunder. Variant of Raiden.
 water lily
 child of bliss
 cherry blossoms
 virtue; good
 stem of bamboo
 flat and level field
 clear; refined
 long-lived; crane
 long-lived; crane
 complacent; satisfied
 Surname meaning "silver and yellow color."
 silver and yellow color
 tall; honorable
 treasure; precious object
 strong like bamboo
 ball; bell
 let people see benefit
 Unisexual name meaning "dweller."
 high-valued second son
 bending branch
 big boy; first son
 many lakes; many rivers
 righteous; well governed
 established; regulated
 cautious man
 Kalarbari of Nigeria name meaning "the people."
 bird's tail
 mirror reflection" or "year of plenty"
 talented; intelligent
  Mirrored image. Variant of Toshiko.
 Morning dew
 ginseng plant
 prospers in battle
 peaceful one
 meaning unknown
 the good; respectful
 good child
 snow; lucky
 snow child
 gets what he wants
 arrow child
 Lily child" or "village of birth."
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