descendant of Abas ABAS,ABASANTIS
 named for Ciceros villa ACARNANIA
 Chamoru Spanish, "adore."
 White." Also an Old German name meaning "noble," and related to a French/Italian word meaning "inn." Variant Alberge exists.
 Feminine form of Alban and Albin. "White; fair." Variants include Alba, Albina, Alva, Alvina, Aubine. ALBULA
  Defender of man.
 Small winged one." Variants include Adela, Adelina, Adelita, Adellyna, Adellyta, Adelyna, Adelyta, Alaida, Alda, Aldina, Aldine, Aldona, Aldonna, Aldyne, Aleda, Aleta, Aletta, Alette, Alidah, Alidia, Alita, Allda, Alldina, Alldine, Alldona, Alldonna, Alldyne, Alleda, Allida, Allidah, Allidia, Allidiah, Allyda, Allydah, Alyda, Alydah, Allidia, Allidiah, Allyda, Allydah, Alyda, Alydah, Dela, Della, Dila, Dilla, Elida, Elita, Leda, Ledah, Lida, Lidah, Lita, Lyda, Lydah, Oleda, Oleta, Oletta, Olette. ALMA
 Joyful." Variants include Alegra, Legra, Leggra.
  Of great nature
 Possibly Dutch form of Irish Ailbhe "noble; bright."
  Grace and beauty.
  News Bearer.
  (ah-RAY-nah) - Variant of Raina: Queen.
  Alter in the sky.
 warrior maid
  "The protector, little armed one."
 Dawn." According to ancient Greek mythology, Aurora is the goddess of the dawn. Aurora was mother of Memnon, King of Aethiopia, whose African troops came to the aid of the Trojans at Troy.She is also known as EOS.
 born in the fall
  Holy or strong.
  Beautiful view.
  Benevolent one.
  From heaven
 long hair
 myth name
  Little and womanly. Alternate Spelling: Carlie.
  "Blind. Famous bearer: The blind St. Cecilie, patron saint of music, was a talented musician."
 blind one
  "Clear, bright, ice."
 loyal friend DANAUS
 Name of French-speaking West Africa, meaning "gift."
  Belonging to the Lord.
  Variant of Emily. Hard worker.
 Italian form of Emily (industrious)
 meaning unknown
 name of a saint
 Italian form of Frances (free)
 from Gaul
 myth name (son of Zeus)
 myth name (god of beginnings) JEROLIN, JEROME
 victorious JALIL
 holy name
  Alternate Spelling: Jillian. Young Child.
  Light Hearted
  "Happy, Joyful. Alternate Spelling: Jocelyn, Jocelynn, Jocelyne."
  "Justice, honest, fair, rightful according to a german calendar, there is a name day on September 26"
 Runyankore of Uganda name meaning "second born twin."
 woman of Rome
  "Purity, beauty."
  Gracious lily.
  "The flower, innocence, purity, beauty."
 beautiful jade; also a family name
 a Roman emperor
 lovable MADONNA
 myth name (mother of Hermes)
 from the sea
  Of the sea.
 from the sea
 meaning unknown
 Tristan's uncle
  "Alternate Spelling: Maris, Marisa."
  Canary yellow.
 Arthur's tutor
 myrrh; wonderful
  Daughter of the sea.
 meaning unknown
 Hopi name meaning "chases butterfly."
 myth name (night)
 born eighth
 from the mountain
  Worthy of Respect
 meaning unknown
 color of plum
 from the\r queen's estate
  Variation of Renee: Reborn
  A flower.
  "Wise, healthy."
  Honoured above all others
 from the seraph
 from the woods
 myth name (muse of dance and lyric poetry)
  Gift from God.
 myth name
  Vigorous and strong.
  True image. Biblical name.
  Alternate Spelling: Victoria. Victory or victorius.
 dearly loved
 Congolese name meaning "productive."
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