High Priestess of Mecca.
 In the legends of Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) Amara is the name for paradise.Also, "amara" is a Kiswahili word meaning "urgent business."
 myth name (supreme god)
 meaning unknown
 a half-brother of Buddha ANANGA
 Ibo of Eastern Nigeria name meaning "look up to God."
 Hope." In mythology, the wife of a Hindu demigod. AVASA
 spear friend
 Dignified; name of goddess Devi.
 Dignified; eminent; illustrious; of the moon. CHANGLA
 Divine; myth name. DEVI
 From the mythological Hindu Devi. "Little goddess."
 my lion cub
 Unisexual name meaning "spendid." INDRA
 Kenyan name meaning "black material."
 Actions are fate."
 sacred bells
 beam of light KISTNA
 myth name (goddess of fortune)
 play MADHUR
 Fish; precious stone. In Hindu myth, Meena is a name of the wife of Shiva. MYTHILI
 lovely NANDINI
 Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning "award, medal."
 jewel PADMA
 same color
 meaning unknown
  Blissful one.
 dusky SKANDA
 morning star
 name of a star
  "Consciousness, Altar: a river in India."
 myth name (daughter of Daksha)
 of the Yoga practice
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