Forever." Also Nigerian name meaning "difficult birth."
 father of peace ARLES
 Nigerian name meaning "eagle." Also, a Scandinavian name meaning "rule" or "eagle."
 divine strength
 glory of the Danes
 from Denmark
  A dear or precious one.
 rescued by Percival
  "Regal, Queenlike. Variant of Erika."
 nobleman's son
 bear of God
 Queen of the gods
  Norse goddess of love and magic.
 feminine form of Hans (God's gift)
 God's gift
 Son of Hans.Variants include Hansen, Hanssen, and Hansson.
 strong fighter
 devoted to God
 Danish form of Henry (rules the home)
 daughter of a hero
 Son of Ing.Variants include Ingamar, Ingemur, and Ingmar. INGVAR
 Norse or Scandinavian name meaning "bowman."Sometimes associated with Welsh Ifor, "lord."Variants include Ivar and Iver.
 Son of Jan
 Danish form of John (God is gracious)
 from the earth
 form of Karen; pure KIRA, KIROCHKA
 Ghanaian name meaning "stay and don't go back."
  He of Christian faith.
 sweet potato
  Variant of Larsen: Son of Lars
 born on Monday
 little warrior
 calming; soothing
  Triumphator of the people
 Danish form of Thor (thunder)
 myth name (god of thunder)
 feminine form of Thor (thunder)
  God of Thunder.
 Thor's stone
 has willpower
 famous ruler
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