Variant of Greek Helen, "Light."Variants include Aleen, Aleena, Alena, Alenah, Alene, Aline, Alleen, Allena, Allene, Alline, Allyna, Allynah, Allyne, Alyna, Alynah, Alyne, Leena, Leenah, Lena, Lenah, Lina, Linah, Lyna, Lynah.
 from the east ANDREJ
 A Kongo word meaning "to perch."
 dedicated to go
 he lives near the weeds CASIMIR
  Command for peace
 of the earth
  Morning Star.
 rich gift
 God is my judge
 Italian form of Evelyn (light, gives life)
 God's gift
 beauty of spring
 shining light
 Slavic form of George, "farmer." KAREL, KAROL
  Command for peace
 victorious army
 equivalent of English Lara, "famous; cheerful."
 loved by the people
 graceful and bright
 meaning unknown
 peaceful glory
 the beginning; first
 born at Christmas.Variants include diminutives Natasha, Natascha, Nitca, Natasia, Natalia, Natyashenka, and Tasha. NESHA, NESSA, NESYA
  Victorious. Conquerer of the people. Variant of Nicholas.
 victorious people NINOCHKA, NINA
 Chamoru Spanish, "queen."
  Helper and defender or protector of mankind.
 meaning unknown
 renowned prince
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