old name for "shoe" or "fairy shoe"
 faithful, moral
 angel in the full moon
 blessing from above, as in good family; also happiness
 good (also a girl's name)
 gentle, nice, quiet (can be either girl or boy name, but more common for girl)
 dutiful to parents; filial dutifulness
 a type of flower (pronounced HWA)
 to study
 rose, pink.
 pink swallow bird
 lily flower; intelligence; mental brilliance; enlightenment
 pink rose
 fragrance, perfume; rose flower or pink color; enjoy.
 very much so."Amplifies the meaning of the first name; e.g., Phuoc Huu means "one who deserves to be lucky."Also, "to have," as in Huu Phuoc (to have phuoc).
 sending light out; brightness
 having a reflective black color
 older brother (Chinese/Vietnamese word/meaning)
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