from the mouth of the river ABERTHA
 sacrifice AB-OWEN
  Fair and beautiful.
 myth name (king of the Underworld)
 daughter of Llyr
 from the broad ridge
  Hill or mound
  Spirit of Battle.
 son of Bran
  A river in Wales.
  Sea God. Variant of Dylan
  Man from the sea
  Born from waves
  Snow Drop
  Noble Warrior
 faithful/abused wife
 young fighter
 legend name (son of Poch) FFLAM
 son of Lot
 a murderer
 Arthur's queen
 Eminent; remarkable.Variant, Howel, exists. HU, HUW
 Of uncertain origin, possibly meaning "lord."Often associated with Norse/Scandinavian Ivor, "bowman". IOAN, IWAN
 handsome lord; son of Maredudd in legend.
 legend name (son of Caw) KAY
  "Fighter or companion. Variant of Kaden, Caden, Caiden, Kaiden."
 a knight
  Variant of Maximus. Meaning
  Alternate Spelling: Madison. Son of Matthew.
 Strong and capable." Variant, Meghan, exists.
 protector of the sea
 famous friend
 half-sister of Arthur, enchantress
 legend name
 myth name (daughter of Yspaddaden)
  All white.
 young fighter
  "Of noble birth, one of purity, and beloved."
 son of Howell
  Magic Madien or Little Flower.
  "Enthusiastic, stream."
 myth name (daughter of Hefeydd)
 from Romney
  Powerful Seas.
  Gods gracious gift. Variant of Sian.
 sixth-century poet
 gracious gift
 from heaven
 white or fair
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